Thank You For Your Interest in Our Complete Donor Egg Cycle Fall Special! 

Dr. Melnick and his staff at Advanced Fertility Services are making fertility treatments more affordable then ever!

We are offering our complete egg donor cycle at 25% off the original costs!Fertility-IVF-Doctor

The combination of donors, medical expertise, and our commitment to patients makes Advanced Fertility Services donor egg program an attraction for patients from around the world.

Dr. Melnick is offering a complete egg donor cycle for only $21,000 (valued at $28,000)! 

Our complete cycle includes: selection of donor, multiple eggs, unlimited transfers, and more!

Choosing a donor is important. That is why we provide our patients with extensive information on donors, including:

  1. Photo of Donor
  2. Height
  3. Body Build
  4. Hair Color
  5. Weight
  6. Eye Color
  7. Blood Type
  8. Family Medical History
  9. Ethnic Background
  10. Past Pregnancies
  11. Education and Areas of Study
  12. Special Interests

Enter your information to the right to schedule your consultation with one of the most affordable and experienced fertility doctors in NYC. 

***All egg donors are screened for potentially transmittable illnesses such as hepatitis, HIV, and all other sexually transmitted diseases. Appropriate genetic testing is also performed by each donor.***