Thank You For Your Interest in Our Egg Freezing Program! 

Dr. Melnick and his staff at Advanced Fertility Services are making fertility treatments more affordable then ever!

Whether you are a hard working professional, not ready to start a family, or you just would like to start planning your future, now is the time to freeze your eggs!

While Dr. Melnick recommends freezing your eggs before the age of 36, it is not an age cut off but rather a suggestion. It is never too late!

Dr. Melnick is offering a full egg freezing cycle for only $7,500!

Do not miss out on this incredible program, schedule your consultation today!

Our Egg Freezing Program Includes:

– Egg Retrieval Doctor-NYC

– Anesthesia

– Egg Cryopreservation (freezing)

– Bloodwork

– Monitoring

– Sonograms

Medication and Storage not included**


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