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Affordable and Low Cost IVF Treatment Plans

IVF is often a stressful process for couples, not least due to the high cost associated with each cycle. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of IVF, some of which can be altered to some extent. Below, we’ll explore some of the factors that affect IVF cost, as well as where you can find the most affordable IVF in New York City.

Factors Affecting Cost

IVF requires a significant amount of medication, numerous office appointments, and the use of several advanced medical procedures. As a result, the cost of this treatment is significant. The exact cost for your IVF cycle will vary based on several factors, including:

  • The clinic – Some clinics are able to keep their overhead costs low and pass on those savings to patients.
  • Use of frozen embryos – If you use frozen embryos from a previous IVF cycle, the cost of IVF can be more than halved.
  • Use of ancillary procedures – If you need to use procedures like testicular sperm extraction in addition to the typical IVF cycle, the cost will rise. The exact increase will depend on the procedure used.
  • Use of donor eggs or sperm – Using donor sperm means a moderate increase in the cost of treatment, while using donor eggs means a dramatic increase in the cost.

In addition, the number of IVF cycles you go through before getting pregnant will impact the overall cost of treatment. There is never any guarantee of success, but you can give yourself the best chances of success by choosing a physician with good IVF success rates, and by following any recommendations made by your doctor.

Affordable IVF

At Advanced Fertility Services, we are able to maintaining our IVF cost at several thousand dollars below what most other clinics offer. Each full cycle of IVF costs $8,000, compared to other clinics which may charge up to $15,000 per cycle. For frozen embryo cycles, we offer a rate of $3,500.

Dr. Hugh Melnick would be happy to meet with you about treatment for your infertility, and give you an estimated cost for your treatment. To schedule your consultation today, please give us a call at (212) 369-8700 or click below and we will get right back to you.