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Are There Any Pain Free Fertility Treatments For Women

If you’re experiencing infertility, you may worry about the potential for pain with some fertility treatments. There are a few pain free fertility treatments, but the right treatment for you will depend on your medical needs. However, your pain should be well-controlled even in procedures with a potential for pain. Below, we’ll explore what to expect.

Oral Medications

Your doctor may recommend that you start off with oral medications like Clomid. These medications are normally designed to boost egg production, thus increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Although is some potential for side effects with all medication, oral medications are an example of pain free fertility treatments.

Intrauterine Insemination

IUI is a cost-effective way to boost fertility, and is used in cases of male infertility and female infertility alike. During this procedure, semen is “washed” to concentrate healthy, active sperm. The sperm are injected through the cervix. Some women experience minor pain during this procedure. However, the procedure should be quite fast.

In Vitro Fertilization

Like IUI, in vitro fertilization requires the doctor to place a small tube through the cervix, first to collect the eggs and then to transplant the embryos. In addition, IVF patients receive a round of shots before it’s time to collect their eggs.

Progesterone Injections

Women with a history of preterm labor or miscarriage, as well as many women who undergo IVF, may receive progesterone injections throughout their pregnancy, usually once a week. Progesterone shots are thick and must be injected into the muscle near the hip. These shots may hurt while they go in, but they are quick. Most women report that they quickly adjust to the shots.


Patients with endometriosis, large uterine fibroids, or scarring from PID may receive surgery to treat the underlying condition, in the hope that the treatment will then make it possible for pregnancy to occur. Some pain may occur during the recovery, depending on the type of surgery used. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication to help manage your pain if necessary.

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