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Artificial Insemination and Getting Pregnant With Donor Sperm

Many people choose artificial insemination with donor sperm as a way to get pregnant and start a family. Below, we’ll explore some of the reasons you might consider using donor sperm, as well as what to expect when choosing a donor and going through the procedure itself.

Why Donor Sperm?

People choose to use donor sperm for many reasons:

  • If the husband has infertility and other treatments haven’t resulted in pregnancy
  • If a woman is single and wants to start a family while she is still in her fertile years
  • Same-sex couples
  • To avoid passing on serious genetic disorders

Choosing a Donor

When you decide to undergo artificial insemination, you have the right to choose a donor you prefer and to decide what role the donor will play in your child’s life. Some people choose to use a known sperm donor, which can be arranged as long as the donor meets the physical requirements. Others choose an anonymous donor through a fertility clinics. Anonymous donors are carefully screened for physical and mental health.

How it Works

Once you choose a donor, he will provide one or more specimens of semen. If you choose to obtain more than one specimen, you can have the rest frozen and stored for use in future cycles, or for future pregnancies.

In most cases, women who get artificial insemination choose to use a procedure known as intrauterine insemination (IUI). Prior to this procedure, semen is washed to remove proteins and weaker, less motile sperm. The sperm is then injected through the cervix, directly into the uterus. This approach brings a significantly higher chance of pregnancy than vaginal insemination.

You will carefully monitor your menstrual cycle, and potentially use urine or blood tests, to ensure that the insemination is done during your most fertile time. As is the case with trying for a child naturally, though, it can take several cycles before successfully conceiving.

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