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Can the Cost of IVF be Covered by Insurance?

Recurrent MiscarriageHaving medical insurance does not always translate into coverage for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cost. At Advanced Fertility Services, we understand that the cost of IVF increases the stress most patients undergo when they are trying to have a baby. Decreasing financial stress for those undergoing IVF treatment will increase the success of conception – opines Dr. Hugh D. Melnick – founder and medical director of Advanced Fertility Services.

IVF Cost

The insurance experts at Advanced Fertility Services will help you process claims for IVF covered under your medical insurance policy. Discover how the Advanced Fertility Insurance Combo Plan may be available to you for a medical service fee of $6,000!

Advanced Fertility Services is experienced in working with an abundance of insurance carriers, namely:

GHI                                         Horizon                                  Great West

Cigna                                     Empire B/C                            Magnacare

United Healthcare               Empire B/S                            Oxford Liberty

The Empire Plan                  HIP                                         Oxford Freedom

Anthem B/C                          Pomco                                    Hotel Trades

Insurance Combo Plan

Here is how the Advanced Fertility Insurance Combo Plan may be available to you for a medical service fee of $6,000.

  • All monitoring is billed to the patient’s insurance company
  • The patient is responsible for all office visit co-pays
  • Fertility Medications, Ancillary Procedures, and Anesthesiologist Fees are not included as part of the $6,000 Advanced Fertility Insurance Combo Plan fee

Financing Your Uncovered Fertility Medication Costs

Because fertility medication costs can constitute thousands of dollars per IVF cycle, Advanced Fertility Services can help you to compile the expected total cost of your prescribed treatment. You will then have the opportunity to arrange your IVF treatment financing through a preferred commercial lender via Enhance Patient Finance.

Dr. Melnick has revolutionized financial programs in the ART field by sharing financial risk with patients. These programs will help you attain your dream of becoming a parent.

The Enhance Patient Financing program can help you financially make things happen. The online application process is a breeze and you can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your New Financing Options

Enhance Patient Financing offers:

  • Simple online application form processing
  • Expedited credit processing
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible low monthly payments with no prepayment penalties
  • Interest deferred loans

Affordable IV Cost

In 1983, Dr. Hugh D. Melnick founded Advanced Fertility Services – New York’s first freestanding infertility treatment outpatient center. Dr. Melnick has comprised a staff of fertility specialists at Advance Fertility Services who are focused on reducing every patient’s financial toll in their journey to have a baby.

Discover affordable IVF treatment at Advanced Fertility Services with Dr. Hugh D. Melnick. The Doctor is available for consultation via Skype.

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