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Discover Affordable Egg Freezing Care In NYC

Fertility-NYC-IVFThe cost of egg freezing care is comparable to a fresh IVF cycle at Advanced Fertility Services in NYC. An affordable egg retrieval IVF cycle at Advance Fertility Services – including surgical retrieval and anesthesia – costs between $6,500 and $8,000. Egg storage fees approximate $600 annually. The cost of thawing eggs, fertilization using ICSI, and transfer approximates $4,500. Discover affordable egg freezing care in NYC at Advanced Fertility Services.

Affordable Egg Freezing

According to oocyte cryopreservation specialist – Dr. Hugh D. Melnick – women who are contemplating freezing their eggs for future use must understand several important factors:

  • The younger a woman is when she cryopreserves her eggs, the more likely a successful pregnancy will take place in the future
  • Many eggs must be retrieved since some may not survive the freezing process
  • If a woman does not produce a good number of quality egg follicles using fertility drugs, cryopreservation many not be a viable option for fertility preservation

Egg Freezing Process

  • A woman’s egg production is stimulated with hormones to produce several eggs
  • These eggs are harvested from the woman’s ovaries via surgical retrieval while the woman is under anesthesia
  • The eggs are frozen through the vitrification process and cryopreserved in a controlled laboratory setting
  • The eggs are frozen until the woman decides to start her family
  • The frozen eggs are thawed and fertilized in vitro with sperm to produce quality embryos for transfer
  • When the embryos have reached a prime stage of development in vitro a predetermined number are transferred to the woman’s uterus
  • Excess quality embryos can be cryopreserved for future Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs)

Egg Freezing Using Cutting Edge Vitrification

Vitrification is a cutting edge method of freezing eggs after they have been surgically retrieved via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). A cryoprotectant is used to protect the biological tissues in the egg from ice crystalization damage before the egg is immediately plunged directly into liquid nitrogen. The vitrification process significantly increases the survival rate of eggs after the thawing process.

Plan Your Future Family Through Egg Freezing

There are many reasons today’s young women are freezing their eggs. Egg freezing is the latest trending, modern family planning option being popularized by the Millennial woman.

Take the time necessary to select the right partner for building your family. Don’t rush your family planning because of your biological clock. Freeze your beautiful and healthy eggs today.

Affordable Egg Freezing Care in NYC

Renowned egg freezing specialist, Dr. Hugh D. Melnick, wants to help you preserve your fertility for future family planning.

Dr. Melnick is available for consultation via Skype. Click the icon below and enter your information – or – call Advanced Fertility Services at 212.369.8700 to schedule your consultation.