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How Can a Fertility Doctor Help Increase My Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Increase Fertility

Renowned fertility doctor – Hugh D. Melnick, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. – will help you to substantially increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Sperm Washing

The obvious proactive measure you and your partner can take is to have regular, unprotected sexual intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. If time is of the essence because of advanced maternal age – over 35 – Dr. Melnick wants you to consider some additional factors to help you conceive sooner than later.

Optimum BMI Factor

Have your pre-baby body weight – body mass index (BMI) – checked out to see if it may be a factor lessening your chances of pregnancy. A woman’s BMI is a common obstacle to conception. This is true whether she is underweight or overweight.

  • Being overweight (BMI over 25) will double the time it takes a woman to get pregnant
  • Women who are underweight (BMI under 19) have a fourfold time delay of achieving pregnancy

Male Factor

Men should avoid the hot tub because consistent genital exposure to high temperatures can adversely affect sperm motility. Some other common sense heat sources for a male to avoid are:

  • Placing laptops directly the scrotum
  • Storing cellphones in the pant pocket near the scrotum

Lifestyle Factors

Cut your caffeine consumption to under 200 milligrams per day.

It’s also advisable to eliminate your alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption – 2 beverages every day – has been found to decrease fertility by almost 60 percent. Moderation is key while you are trying to get pregnant. Complete abstinence is advised should you become pregnant.

Smoking cigarettes impair both a man’s and a woman’s fertility. Nicotine reduces a man’s sperm production. Smoking also adversely affects the friendliness of a woman’s uterus to an embryo and increases the risk of miscarriage.

Sexual Intercourse Timing and Frequency

Pregnancy is most likely to occur within the fertility window of 3 days before ovulation is predicted. Waiting until the day of ovulation or after may not boost your chances as does erring on the early side.

Keep a close tracking system in place to predict your day of ovulation. Use a calendar found on the Internet or an ovulation predictor kit that can be purchased both online and in drugstores.

Avoid the use of lubricants because most can decrease fertility by acting as a spermicide. If you need to use a lubricant because of frequent intercourse, natural oils are preferable, such as canola oil or peanut oil.

Fertility Specialist to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

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