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Is There An Age Limit For Freezing My Eggs

Egg freezing is an effective way for young women to preserve their future fertility. Egg cryopreservation is most effective for younger women, so it’s a good idea to take the plunge sooner rather than later. Below, we’ll explore age and other considerations about egg freezing, as well as what to expect during the procedure.

Age Limitations

For most women, the most fertile years are the 20s, followed by the early 30s. After age 35, fertility begins to decline sharply each year, largely due to declining egg quality. Therefore, women should be under 35 in order to use egg cryopreservation in most cases. In addition, it’s ideal to do the procedure in the 20s, which is the most fertile decade.

Who is a Candidate?

Women decide to freeze their eggs for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is simply to secure future fertility so that they can allow their career and relationships to progress without worrying about the ticking “biological clock.”

In addition, women who are about to undergo chemotherapy or pelvic radiation therapy may use egg cryopreservation to preserve their fertility in case permanent infertility or premature menopause occurs.

Why egg freezing over in vitro fertilization (IVF)? Freezing the eggs is an attractive option because it does not require the woman to already have a partner or a sperm donor. In addition, it’s a strong choice for people who want to preserve their fertility without what they perceive as an ethical dilemma regarding unused embryos from IVF.

What to Expect

In order to freeze your eggs, it’s first necessary to retrieve hundreds of eggs from the ovaries, only a few of which will ultimately survive the freezing and thawing process. Patients first take a round of medications designed to stimulate egg production. The eggs are then retrieved and frozen. When the time comes, the eggs are thawed and fertilized, and the resulting embryos can be transplanted to the uterus.

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