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How Many IVF Cycles Will it Take My Spouse and I to Get Pregnant?

IVF Cycles To Get Pregnant

Don’t fret over counting IVF cycles. Despite the number of IVF cycles you have undergone or may possibly have to undergo, remain faithful in the phenomenon of today’s cutting edge IVF procedures available to you at Advanced Fertility Services (AFS). Established in 1983 by IVF pioneering doctor, Dr. Hugh Melnick, AFS was the first private, freestanding IVF clinic in the New York tri-state area. Dr. Hugh Melnick has established himself as a national leading provider of IVF services.

No Restrictions on the Number of IVF Cycles to Get Pregnant


Dr. Hugh Melnick is of the professional opinion that there is no hard and fast quantitative determinate of how many IVF cycles will be required for you and your spouse to finally get pregnant. However, Dr. Melnick also believes that a reputable fertility practitioner should never restrict a couple’s number of IVF cycles in order to improve success rates. Despite any potential negative impacts upon our success rates – Dr. Melnick encourages as many IVF Cycle attempts that a couple is willing to undergo to achieve their dream of having a baby.

Your Chances of Pregnancy Through IVF

As of 2010, studies have shown that approximately 35 percent of IVF cycles using the patient’s own eggs was successful. Over the past five years, this success rate of IVF has been improving steadily. Amazingly, similar studies show that proven fertile couples only have about a 20 percent chance of pregnancy in any given monthly cycle.

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These success rates are important to stress because you must not become discouraged if a first – or second – or third – IVF cycle fails. You have a greater chance of achieving pregnancy through IVF than does a woman trying to get pregnant through regular and unprotected sexual intercourse according to IVF success rate study comparisons.

IVF Pioneer Practitioner

IVF pioneering doctor, Dr. Hugh Melnick, will discuss all candid facts about your chances of pregnancy through IVF. Unlike many clinics, AFS does not turn away patients having unfavorable chances of pregnancy through IVF in order to enhance its success rates.

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