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Low Cost IVFs and Low Cost IVF Cycles

IVF can be the most valuable and important choice you ever make, but the IVF cost can be formidable. Although there is no way to completely eliminate the cost of IVF, understanding the factors that contribute to the costs can help you keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Factors Affecting Cost

Many issues affect the cost of IVF. Some of the most influential factors include:

  • Use of ancillary procedures – If you need to use procedures like testicular extraction in addition to the typical IVF procedures, you can expect an increase in costs, which will vary depending on the exact procedures involved.
  • Use of donor sperm or oocytes – If you use donor sperm or eggs, the cost will significantly increase. Donor eggs entail a much greater cost increase than do donor sperm.
  • Use of frozen embryos – Often, it’s possible to create many embryos from a single cycle of IVF. If these embryos are frozen and preserved for later use, it can more than half the cost of future cycles as compared to a complete IVF cycle.
  • The facility’s rates – There is some variation in costs among facilities, so to an extent it’s possible to choose a facility that offers lower rates.
  • Number of cycles undergone – Some people get pregnant after the first IVF cycle, while others undergo several IVF cycles before getting pregnant or deciding to stop.

Our Rates

Advanced Fertility Services operates as an independent facility, which allows us to keep our overhead costs to a minimum and pass those savings down to our patients. As a result, we are able to offer IVF at several thousand dollars below the market standard.

At Advanced Fertility Services, we provide the IVF procedure at a rate of $8,000, not including medications. For those using frozen embryos from past cycles, we offer frozen embryo cycles at $3,500 per cycle. Of course, your exact IVF cost will depend on your use of ancillary procedures like embryo storage or testicular sperm extraction.

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