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Minimal Stimulation IVF vs. Normal IVF Treatments

The main advantage of minimal stimulation IVF treatment is that this procedure is less expensive than a normal IVF cycle. The patient does not incur the high cost of fertility drugs because fewer, low-doses of fertility medications are used. Minimal stimulation IVF strives for the production of only a few – high quality – eggs to achieve a viable pregnancy. The procedure also lowers a woman’s risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatments

A minimal stimulation IVF cycle involves the use of a combination of oral and low dose injectable medication. Minimal stimulation IVF treatments do require the same treatment protocols of the normal IVF procedure such as:

  • Cycle monitoring through regular blood tests and ultrasounds
  • Egg retrieval via outpatient surgery
  • Egg fertilization and embryo development in a controlled laboratory setting, and
  • Embryo transfer into the woman’s uterus

A Premiere Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment Clinic

At Advanced Fertility Services (AFS), Dr. Hugh Melnick and his staff of fertility specialists are very sensitive to every patient’s emotional, physical, and financial stress while undergoing IVF.

  • Melnick has successfully managed the treatment of thousands of infertile patients through IVF for over three decades
  • Melnick has developed several efficiencies in the minimal stimulation IVF treatment procedure
  • Melnick implements the most advanced and recent breakthrough technologies in order to alleviate the cost of fertility treatment – like minimal stimulation IVF

Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatments


In a minimal stimulation IVF cycle, the patient is administered an oral fertility stimulation drug (typically, Clomid) alone – or Clomid in combination with a low dose regimen of Gonadotropin (FSH/LH) injections – during her cycle to stimulate egg growth. When the doctor has determined that her eggs have developed to an optimal stage, the patient receives one injectable ovulation trigger medication (hCG) in order to induce ovulation.

Leading Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment Provider

An experienced minimal stimulation IVF treatment provider will be one that is renowned and reputable. Dr. Hugh Melnick has been an instrumental fertility specialist spiriting the practice of minimal stimulation IVF treatment. To discover more about the IVF treatment options available to you, like minimal stimulation IVF, please contact the leading fertility clinic – Advanced Fertility Services.

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