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High Success Rate Fertility Doctors in NYC

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If you are struggling to have a baby, don’t lose faith in your search to find an affordable NYC fertility doctor having a high success rate. Recent statistics of high success rates have revealed Dr. Hugh D. Melnick – founder and medical director of Advanced Fertility Services (AFS) in 1983 – as being one of the leading fertility doctors in NYC.

IVF Success Rates

Approximately 35 percent of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycles using the patient’s own eggs have been successful since 2010. Today – five years later – success rates of IVF have been improving steadily. Comparatively, similar studies have shown fertile couples to only have about a 20 percent chance of pregnancy in any given natural monthly cycle.


Do not become discouraged should your first IVF attempt fail. You have a greater chance of achieving pregnancy through IVF than does a naturally fertile woman according to recent success rate study comparisons.

NYC Fertility Doctor

Unlike other fertility doctors, Dr. Melnick does not turn away patients having an unfavorable chance of pregnancy in order to improve his high success rates. Nor does Dr. Melnick place a cap on the number of IVF attempts a patient can undergo at Advanced Fertility Services.

Statistics not included in Dr. Melnick’s success rates:

  • Positive pregnancy tests not resulting in a full-term pregnancy
  • Miscarriages
  • Ectopic pregnancies

Advanced Fertility Services boasts:

  • Accreditation by the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM)
  • JCAHO Accreditation Award to its Surgical Unit

In order to lessen the financial strain on his patients, Dr. Melnick has revolutionized the affordability of infertility treatment through cost-efficient IVF.

The Advanced Fertility Insurance Combo Plan = $6,000

Advance Fertility Services’ Full IVF Cycle = $7,000

The Three Cycle Solution

IVF Cycle 1 = $9,500

IVF Cycle 2 = $8,500

IVF Cycle 3 = $8,000

As a private, free-standing IVF center, Advanced Fertility Services (AFS) is able to reduce IVF treatment costs substantially through controlled overhead expenses.

  • Reduced overhead costs at AFS are passed on to patients
  • Affordable fertility treatment at AFS reduces patient stress
  • Reduced patient stress produces greater pregnancy success rates!

Schedule your consultation with NYC’s high success rate fertility doctors – Dr. Hugh D. Melnick – and discover how he can help you have the baby of your dreams. Click below to schedule a consultation or call directly – 212.369.8700.