Hello, Dr. Melnick Will Skype You Now.

Dr. Melnick and his team of fertility experts are ready to consult you on your best options for successful fertility treatment.

Advanced Fertility Services is proud to announce that we now offer fertility consultations to any patient, anywhere in the world!Doctor-NYC-IVF

Dr. Hugh Melnick, the director and founder of Advanced Fertility Services in New York City, is available to offer information and advice for people who are experiencing difficulty in having a baby. In many instances, people struggling with infertility issues need a qualified and experienced physician to listen to them and give them unbiased advice as to which treatment options will most likely help them start their family. Dr. Melnick, who has treated infertile couples since 1976, will take a look at your comprehensive medical history which will then lead to a discussion of the specifics of your case. He will give you insights into your unique situation and offer unbiased advice that will help guide you in selecting the best options for successful fertility treatment.

Dr. Melnick consults regularly with many patients from distant locations who could not otherwise obtain his help. Communication with Skype provides a convenient opportunity to offer fertility consultations to English speaking people, anywhere in the world! Skype consultations are an efficient and convenient way in which people can obtain a second opinion with regard to suggested treatment. Dr. Melnick renders an unbiased opinion as to the best course to follow for your unique situation.

The first Skype consultation costs $350. Follow up consultations are $200. Contact Advanced Fertility Services to schedule your appointment: afsappointments@gmail.com

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